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100% of our listings are pet-friendly

You can even search by cat-friendly, small-dog friendly, medium-dog friendly, and large-dog friendly to see only properties that match your needs. 

Save lives

rentbuds was created by and for pet families – inspired by our love for all pets. Our mission is to make the world a better place for people and their pets. This includes supporting animal rescues and humane societies to help them save lives. Check out our About Us and FAQ for more information.

Pet-centric property details

The information we require from each listing (flooring material, outdoor space, and much more) is there to help you envision life with your pets, and to help you find the perfect new home.

Pet-focused nearby amenities

We would love to spend all day cuddling with our pets, but just in case you need to go outside, we have included a section on every listing that features nearby parks, pet stores and veterinarians.

Conveniently share pet resumes with landlords

Create a profile on rentbuds, which includes resumes for your pets (lots of cute pictures encouraged), and share this with prospective landlords using the click of a button in the landlord contact form at the bottom of each listing page. You no longer need to spend hours copying the same information into various rental forms.

Transparent, honest, and dynamic

rentbuds is a passion fueled startup and we promise to always remain as transparent, honest, and dynamic as possible as we make adjustments and improvements to best serve the pet-loving community and all those searching for housing.

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